Al-Sherif Fawzy Company of development and manufacture handmade Egyptian Hookah.
It is an Egyptian company specialized in the manufacture of moulds and the hearts of the Egyptian Hookah in the world.
 The company established in 2010, and currently entering its fifth year with efficiency and high quality in the development and manufacture of handmade Egyptian Hookah through the original high-quality raw materials and various types of brass, copper and stainless steel as well as high-purity glass raw materials extracted from the ore of pure silicon.
 The products of Sherif Fawzi Company featuring artistic shapes and decorative patterns with special model where the combination of Arabic motifs and Islamic motifs with high accuracy.
The company deals with the world's largest markets in a number of Arabic countries and European countries.
The products of Sherif Fawzi Company of development Egyptian Hookah carrying a sign engraved on all the products manufactured in the company of hearts Egyptian hookahs, glass and accessories.
The company requests from clients to ascertain the existence of its brand on the products before purchase and beware of imitation product.